WHAT IS THE Cube Of Luxury?

Cube of Luxury is the idea to make possibile the impossibile. No matter the challenge: if the market has a solution for a given interior design idea, he will find and deliver it. And if there are no solutions, he will create one from scratch. Trying to find the ideal between luxury and innovation is a difficult jobs but anyhow that is our job and we loving it. Come to a journey that your dream can be real.


Our mssion is to guide you throw all levels of the construction of a luxury worl.

  • Luxury Materials
  • Luxury Ideas
  • Luxury Living
  • Luxury Projects
  • Luxury Project Management
  • Luxury Project Consulting
  • Luxury Brands Trade
  • Luxury Design
Luxury Years

27 years of success and still rocking!


Nothing more valuable than trusted partners.


We have clients all over the world and we love to call them FRIENDS!

One thing you must know about us is that we love coffee!

Our core values
Passion for all those little things that make the impossible... just possible. We are in love with this job.
"Trust" is a BIG word! We trust our partners and this is the turnkey value that we share with our customers.
Time is everything. Time is flowing. Time is our friend. Scheduling is everything
The right team for your project
we love what we do